Supply Chain Management

CHOOSING THE PERFECT PARTNER – Excellence. Simply Delivered

To maximize the value of your supply chain, you need a reliable logistics partner whose excellent support is available wherever you need it – whether that’s locally or on the other side of the world. One with a thorough depth of knowledge of your market and its dynamics, who works to the highest standards and brings you the benefit of unrivalled environmental and safety credentials, along with state-of-the art technology.

Discover What Makes Hammed cargo and Tour the Perfect Fit as Your Logistics Partner

> Global Strength
> Deep Sector Understanding
> Responsible Living
> Innovation
> Project Management
> IT Philosophy

Why Do You Need a 3PL Anyway?

The success of your business has been built upon the specialized expertise of your staff. Placing your logistics in the hands of Hammed cargo and Tour allows you to focus on your core business, instead of being distracted by the demands and complexities of the global supply chain.



Hammed cargo and Tour provides a variety of ready-to-go solutions, technologies and assets that might otherwise cost you and your business a lot of time and money to put in place – so your capital is freed up to develop your business in other ways. Additionally, outsourcing your logistics gives you the flexibility to upsize and downsize rapidly in response to new opportunities or challenges, with minimum risk.

WHAT YOU GET WITH Hammed Cargo and Tour


We Serve and we provide first class safety delivery to all clients, we are well equipped and experienced with delivery monitoring tools to make sure all good and items are safe and delivered at the right place and time.  


Out check list is perfect and suits all kinds of IT-Time transportation needs. We cover up all your logistics needs world wide as far as transportation is concern. Talk to us now.


We see to it that we provide our clients with modern vehicle fleet that best suit their need as an organisation. We have the best monitoring and Tracking management systems for monitoring of vehicles to enable safer delivery.


Hammed Cargo and Tour express tracking tools offer you the latest shipment information, in real-time, direct to your PC, mobile phone or handheld device. They are available to all our customers, regardless of how shipments were booked or prepared.